The Family damned by The Illustrated London News January 19th 1856 from their Special Correspondent:

An account of the Palmer family is next necessary. It is an extraordinary family history, even if we are to reject, in considering it, one-half of the stories of the now cynical people of Rugeley; and the more it is examined, with the circumstances arising out of it, and implicating parties unconnected with the family, the more will the general public be inclined to think unfavourably of the character of the whole community of whom these Palmer’s formed but a portion. For we have to observe that, arising out of this Palmer case, there are two extraordinary charges now preferred, not by gossip but by authorities – one against the postmaster of the place, for systematic letter opening: and another against the coroner of the inquiry for undue partiality to, and improper correspondence with, Palmer. It is furthermore to be remarked that the case, in itself so extraordinary, is marvelous for the extent to which the evidence damages the characters of the witnesses themselves.