Palmer’s five children

Annie and William had five children. Only their son William known as ‘Little Willy’ born in 1850 (other versions say 1948), survived infancy.

The Parish Records which can be viewed at the County Records Office, Stafford, show when the other children were buried and how old they were when they died.

Elizabeth Palmer died aged 10 weeks, buried 8th January 1851
Henry Palmer died aged one month, buried 8th January 1852
Frank Palmer diedĀ in infancy, buried 21st December 1852
John PalmerĀ  died aged 3 days, buried 30th January 1854

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William Brookes Palmer, affectionately called ‘Little Willy’ by his father was the only one of Palmer’s children to survive him.

When Palmer was in Stafford Gaol he would not let either little Willy or his mother visit him for fear of that a visit would be too distressing for them.

He lived to the age of 76 having moved down to London where he spent most of his working life as a solicitor. He was living at 121 Croydon Road, Anerley, Surrey.

His death certificate states that his body was ‘Found dead 29th April 1926′ at ’21 Old Buildings Lincoln Inn’. The inquest held 1st May 1926 gave the cause of death as ‘Syncope and Asphyxia Coal Gas poisoning – Misadventure’. The gas tap had been left on!